Recycled Wool Beanies

Beanies made from recycled wool use less water, less energy and create less pollution than regular wool during the manufacturing process. They also contribute to a reduction in methane emissions as the wool is made from old knitwear that was headed for landfill.  

To make the recycled wool it’s first hand sorted into big piles according to colour, this is a good thing because it means it doesn’t need to be re-dyed. Textile dye contributes to large amounts of toxins being released into waterways but buying recycled wool products avoids this.  The next step is to shred it very finely and then spin back into yarn.  This all happens in a family run mill in the UK that has been recycling wool since the 1970’s.


Made to order/low waste

Each item is made to order specially for you, meaning there is no excess inventory and very little waste as a result.  



No surprises that I’m using mailers made from recycled paper!  The mailers are both recyclable and biodegradable.  

I’m keeping it minimal but finding ways to make your parcel look nice with left over ends of wool will also get a look in.


Avoiding Machine Washable Wool

Wool is a naturally biodegradable product that humans have been wearing for over 12,000 years. However in the last few decades being the clever humans the we are we've made some "improvements" - one of them being the development of machine washable wool - also known as Super Wash Wool. I’ve made the decision to avoid using machine washable wool in the beanies and jumpers I produce.  The process involves the use of plastics and harsh chemicals that have some pretty negative effects on the environment and you’re left with a wool that is no longer biodegradable.  It is also a process that happens offshore where environmental standards can be less stringent. 

But our wardrobes are complicated places that are probably full of lots of fabrics that are harmful to the environment.  And it’s not practical or advisable to throw out all those microplastic causing synthetic fabrics.  I also know if you’re a parent the thought of having to hand wash your kids woollens might be enough to break you.  

My best suggestion is to only wash things when they really need to be washed, repair things if you can and really look after your clothes to make them last as long as possible.